Our team has more than 40 years of combined clinical and joint commission consulting experience. When you call the Joint Commission for assistance they’ll most likely send you to us! We are the Joint Commission’s number one trusted partner for consulting and certification services.

Our Team

A Team Of Professionals

Shari headshot

Shari Dalton


Shari’s reputation as a consultant to healthcare staffing firms is impeccable. She has worked with new start-up organizations to secure their initial certification and assisted large firms’ working to renew their existing cert. Throughout her several years in the industry she has helped clients across the country deliver a desperately needed service to the industry in a responsible and efficient way. All while ensuring each client performs their roles with a prevailing focus on the delivery of high-quality patient care.

Adam headshot

Adam Gomez


Adam’s experience in healthcare staffing over the past two decades has placed him in many unique roles at various firms across the US. Primarily, his background is in operations with a focus on business processes and strategic growth initiatives. He understands the challenges owners face and threats that exist in the market now and in the future, and works tirelessly to identify practical solutions to propel organizations forward.

Keahna headshot

Keahna Williams


Keahna is a proven leader in healthcare staffing. As an operator and leader, she has dedicated her career to the pursuit of excellence in compliance and credentialing services. Her experience, working with an impressive list of managed service providers and vendor management services programs over the past decade, and the Joint Commission, solidifies a wealth of expertise and knowledge she effectively delivers to clients. Keahna has an in-depth, problem-solving attitude when it comes to spearheading various credentialing challenges.

Lalah Headshot

Lalah L., BSN, RN

Clinical Supervisor

Lalah is a Registered Nurse with more than 25 years of clinical nursing and leadership experience. Her experience as a Clinical Nurse Manager for a Healthcare Staffing firm as well as hospital Director of Nursing give her unique perspective in this role. Lalah is an expert in clinical leadership and has a deep understanding of the nuances associated with both agency staffing and patient care. Her experience and expertise help clients mitigate risk and eliminate unnecessary stresses that are routinely part of the healthcare staffing industry.

Maddie headshot

Maddie B.

Project Manager

Maddie is a versatile professional who seamlessly transitioned from a background in compliance and credentialing to the dynamic world of Project Management. With a foundation in compliance and credentialing, Maddie embarked on a journey to broaden her skill set and explore new horizons. She brings a keen eye for detail and a strong commitment to maintaining high standards of quality and regulatory adherence to her project management role. As Maddie continues to evolve in her role, her unique combination of compliance experience and project management skills adds a valuable dimension to our team, fostering success and innovation.

Missy Headshot

Missy M.

Account Specialist

With almost 30 years of working in the healthcare industry, Missy understands the importance of having correct documentation and following the necessary guidelines to keep the healthcare industry as safe as possible. She enjoys learning new things and sharing any knowledge she has obtained during her healthcare journey.

Missy began her healthcare career as a Medical Laboratory Technician, with 25 years of experience in the field. In addition to working in the laboratory, she taught a phlebotomy night course at a technical college for 10 years.

Missy started her career in the staffing industry almost 5 years ago as a recruiter for travel nursing. After a year of recruiting, she moved to the credentialing department, where she was made the manager after a year.

Gabriela headshot

Gabriela M.

Account Engagement Team Lead

Gabriela has two years of experience working in healthcare staffing. She understands the importance of making sure healthcare professionals are properly credentialed and remain in compliance while on the job. She is flexible and willing to adapt to any situation and has worked with different vendors and platforms and is familiar with The Joint Commission standards. She continues to increase her knowledge of the industry so she can better assist all clients. 

Krystal headshot

Krystal R.

Joint Commission Specialist

Krystal’s passion for helping people obtain their own personal and business goals is what has fueled her fire for the healthcare industry. She has a background with helping start new businesses, developing efficient workflows, and streamlining processes to achieve maximum efficiency. Her 18 years of healthcare experience, 11 years training experience, and 6 years in the healthcare staffing industry is what allows her to hear needs, wants and identify purposeful solutions for her clients.

Jena S., BSN, RN

Clinical Supervisor

Jena is a Registered Nurse with over a decade of dedicated service in nursing. She graduated with her BSN from the esteemed BryanLGH College of Health Sciences. Jena is a healthcare professional dedicated to fostering seamless collaboration between healthcare staffing agencies and ensuring the continuity of patient care. As a Clinical Liaison, Jena exemplifies the values of patient and nurse advocacy, and excellence in care coordination. She demonstrates exceptional problem-solving skills, addressing challenges in care transitions, and communication breakdowns with efficiency and effectiveness. Her contributions are instrumental in creating a cohesive healthcare experience for patients.

Julie O., DTP

Clinical Supervisor

Julie holds a Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Creighton University and boasts an impressive professional journey spanning over 25 years. She started her career at the Omaha VA Medical Center, dedicating 16 years to serving as both an outpatient and inpatient therapist. During this time, Julie excelled as a clinical educator for students and played pivotal roles in the ergonomic and diabetic education teams. Transitioning to the private sector, Julie took on the role of a clinician at Premier Physical Therapy, where she continues to contribute part-time. Specializing in outpatient therapy, she caters to diverse patient populations and holds the distinction of being a Graston Certified provider. Beyond her healthcare expertise, Julie is a distinguished Scooter’s Coffee Franchisee, proudly owning and managing two locations in the Omaha metro area. This dual professional identity has enriched her ability to critically analyze situations, drawing from a wealth of experiences to provide optimal solutions and outcomes. In every facet of her professional journey, Julie’s extensive experience, commitment to education, and entrepreneurial spirit converge, defining her as a versatile and insightful professional.

Anton C.

Credentialing Specialist

With over 5 years of expertise in Healthcare Staffing, Anton is a seasoned Credentialing and Compliance expert known for his ability to problem-solve and enhance customer satisfaction. His journey began with a BS in Nursing from Aldersgate College, setting a solid foundation for his career. Since then, he’s honed his skills and expanded his knowledge, establishing himself as a reliable leader. His proficiency spans across various domains, including computer literacy, customer service, documentation review, auditing, and spreadsheet management. He is adept at the credentialing process and has a keen eye for detail when it comes to compiling and analyzing data. Anton always strives to uphold the highest standards of professionalism, efficiency, and integrity. With a solid educational background, extensive experience, and a passion for driving positive change, he is poised to continue making meaningful contributions in the dynamic field of healthcare staffing and compliance.

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